Fasted Shred



Being lean is one of the most important parts of performance. Without proper conditioning, the muscles that you’ve worked so hard to build will never make the appearance they deserve. When it comes to actually getting lean, there are a ton of factors that come into play. Generally it’s impossible to maintain muscle mass while cutting fat, and this is because fat loss has to be done at a caloric deficit. You have to set the conditions so that your body uses fat as a viable energy source and avoids your muscle mass.

Note: Fasted Shred is only at its maximum effectiveness if your body is in a truly fasted state. This is different for every person but the only time we can guarantee we are fasted is directly out of bed after sleeping a full night. Your body has depleted its immediate sources of energy and is truly fasted. This is the time that you would use Fasted Shred.

We developed our 30 serving Fasted Shred around three main principles. Fasted Shred is designed to spare muscle mass while burning fat and boosting metabolism.

So first, muscle-sparing. It spares muscle by providing a solid dose of Branched Chain Amino Acids (BCAAs). These BCAAs are supplemented by HMB, which is a metabolite of the Amino Acid Leucine. This mimics a 40-1-1 BCAA ratio (Depending on the literature you read) which is effective at sparing muscle mass while burning fat.

Next, fat burning. Carnitine is a supplement that has been shown to allow fat cells to be shuttled into other cells to be used as energy. This gives us a boost in our fat-burning capability. The issue is that conventional Carnitine requires insulin to be effective. You won’t have an insulin response because you’re fasted while using this product. The form of Carnitine used in Fasted Shred allows the body to utilize it while fasted. It’s also suggested to have some compelling cognitive effects!

Third, metabolism. Fasted Shred includes EGCG as standardized Green Tea Extract and caffeine. Both of these increase metabolism to a small degree, and give you a much needed boost early in the morning.

Try our Fasted Shred today and start chiseling away to reveal the shredded marble statue you know is within you.