Blood Force Trauma



Chasing the pump is what we do. The pump is that instantly gratifying reason for the going to the gym. Although there are all kinds of background processes in the body that utilize the pump to facilitate new muscle growth, the pump’s most obvious benefit is it makes us look bigger. It forces us to continue hitting rep after rep hoping that it can get even more intense.

We designed our 30 serving Blood Force Trauma specifically to give you your biggest, best pump possible. There are different types of pump responses in the body, this product works specifically on the Nitric Oxide production pump. We’ve utilized three independent Arginine conversion methods because people all respond differently to different types of stimulus.

Additionally, if stacking with Crusade Preworkout, just make sure you’re starting either one at a half scoop. Too much Arginine, Agmatine, or even Niacin and you might get an upset stomach. Build your tolerance slowly for maximum effects.